Traditional Hoi An cuisine

Hoi An cuisine is always a “paper-consuming” topic of many travel bloggers because of its diversity and uniqueness. The food here is strange, bold and traditional, but at a very cheap price.

Hoi An cuisine is extremely rich and diverse, but they all have their own characteristics of the central coast. In Hoi An’s specialty dishes, diverse ingredients are used from the mountains, the plains and the sea.

In addition to traditional dishes, we always encounter Chinese and Western-style dishes when coming to Hoi An.

If you are a person who loves to travel and often learns about Hoi An, you will find that the layout of the food here is very simple, still traditional: rustic, rustic. The owners of the restaurant or serving food here are also very simple and friendly.

According to Hoi An travel experience, if you want to discover Hoi An street food, the first dish you should try is Banh Mi Hoi An. The bread here is unlike anywhere else in Vietnam, different from the loaf of bread. The bread is long and pointed at both ends, the crust is thick and slightly harder than regular bread. The filling of the cake is quite special, 1 loaf is only 10k but full of fillings, which are rolls, meat, minced meat… especially the sauce is very rich.

Cao Lau is one of the unique dishes associated with Hoi An. The delicious Cao Lau is located in the noodles. The way to create Cao Lau noodles is quite elaborate, from selecting rice, soaking, grinding, kneading dough to rolling into yarn, all must be done meticulously. People often eat Cao Lau with the price of boiling water but not too soft. Add some raw vegetables, from the famous Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An. The bean sprouts are poured into a bowl, arranged noodles on top, added a few slices of meat, then poured with fat cloves and a tablespoon of fried pork fat that is available by the oven to create a delicious bowl of Cao Lau that you can hardly resist. 

Surely chicken rice is not strange to Vietnamese people because anywhere can cook this dish. But Hoi An chicken rice has a unique taste and is sure that if you have tasted it once, you will remember it forever. In order to create such a unique dish, Hoi An people also have their own secrets such as rice must choose sticky, fragrant rice, chickens are selected as domestic chickens, grazed for meat. hunting and tough. And additional factors such as sauces, herbs, pickles, etc. also contribute to the unique character of the dish.

This is probably one of the most attractive snacks in Hoi An. Stir-fried mussels, after being caught, washed and fried with fried onions, garlic, and chopped laksa leaves when presented, sprinkled with peanuts to create a sweet, nutty taste. Stir-fried mussels with rice paper dipped with sweet and spicy fish sauce depending on taste is really a great dish. This dish is sold quite a lot on the sidewalks, along the Hoai River, at the night market, etc.

Banh beo is a favorite dish of many people when coming to Hoi An cuisine. Good or bad cake depends largely on the grinding stage. The cup for making banh beo is a glazed terracotta cup with a small round shape that is suitable for the mouth. The filling of banh beo is mainly made from shrimp, meat… Guests enter the restaurant, the owner arranges many cakes on the tray, scoops the filling, adds oil, chili sauce, fried onions and then puts it on the table, you just need to add water. Add fish sauce and chili and enjoy immediately.

Corn tea in Hoi An is cooked from the famous Cam Nam corn in Hoi An. Corn tea is extremely conspicuous when walking along the ancient streets of Hoi An, corn tea is sold everywhere. Whether it’s hot or cold, sitting and enjoying a cup of sweet and fragrant corn tea will satisfy you.

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