Why Gen Z likes to study tourism, restaurant – hotel services?

Although the Covid-19  epidemic has had a great impact on tourism and hotel services, this industry still attracts the attention of candidates.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education and Training, in the “enrollment period” in 2021, the registration rate of NV1 / indicator shows that the most “hot” industries, the most “candidates” apply for the most are: National security and defense  (566.82). %); press and information (311.65%); art 210.7%); Hotel tourism, personal services (201%); Social and behavioral sciences (197.97%).

Thus, despite the fluctuations due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the tourism and hotel service industry still attracts the attention of candidates.

In the online consultation program “Choosing a major for the future: How has the tourism service, restaurant-hotel industry changed?” Organized by Thanh Nien Newspaper on March 1, experts provide candidates with specific and essential information about this field of study when life gradually returns to normal.

The tourism industry ranks 4th in the “hottest” industries

Vì sao thế hệ Gen Z thích học ngành dịch vụ du lịch, nhà hàng - khách sạn? - ảnh 2

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, Vice President of Duy Tan University

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, Vice Rector of Duy Tan University, said: “2021 is the second year of the pandemic, many universities are affected.

However, it is surprising that the tourism industry group ranked 4th in the list. This is very normal because the pandemic appeared suddenly, leading to misfortune for those graduating in 2020-2021, because all industries stopped.”

“The hierarchy of occupations in tourism is very large, there are also high-quality services in tourism. For each such field, the requirements for attitude, experience and knowledge are also very important and different. Therefore, when choosing a career, students should also consider, such as hotel, travel, etc. will have different standards.As life gets better and better, the demand for tourism will increase. interested, will be a condition for this industry to develop”, Mr. Hai noted.

Dr. Hai predicts that the tourism trend will return step by step, according to the route such as safe tourism, domestic tourism or small family groups… with such changes, the tourism industry will develop. and this will be a great opportunity for students to enroll now and 3-4 years later to graduate. Mr. Hai added that tourism human resources must be increased but cannot be replaced by machines, and this industry is difficult to replace by machines, so tourism workers also need many skills. “Candidates need to pay attention to language issues. To study tourism, you must be good at at least one other language and communicate fluently with that language. No matter how many jobs may be, human resources However, if you are not good at at least 1 other language, it will be difficult to get a job Diplomacy, foreign language and appearance (in some specific positions in this industry), if satisfied If these three things are satisfied, graduates will not have to worry about “finding a job,” noted Mr. Hai.

Why Gen Z likes this field of study?

Vì sao thế hệ Gen Z thích học ngành dịch vụ du lịch, nhà hàng - khách sạn? - ảnh 3

Master Cao Quang Tu, Admissions Director of Saigon International University

“Why do Gen Z students (born 1997 – 2012) like this major? Because this major gives you a lot of experience, but requires many skills: serving, loving work, communicating, handling the situation… At the time of 2020 – 2021, we predict that in about 1 year, the Covid-19 epidemic situation will be fine, but in reality it will take a full 3 years, affecting 4th year students about to graduate. Besides, the pandemic is a test of your patience and endurance, many industries are affected, but the service industry is more affected. You need to think carefully before studying this industry”, Master said. Doctor Cao Quang Tu, Admissions Director of Saigon International University, shared.

However, Mr. Tu notes that candidates need to remember that the first rule when studying this industry is to accept sacrifices compared to other professions. “If you don’t work hard, if you want to take a holiday, you can’t because in the service industry, the holiday will double and triple. To adapt, you need to think, your human nature, passion. Candidates do not have to choose the majors that many people choose, but should consider their own aspirations and passions, “said Tu said.

Tu added: “The recent outbreak of the virus can be seen as a purge, and only true enthusiasts can persevere in pursuing their careers, while many people give up… However, please believe that, after the pandemic, people travel more, like after the last Lunar New Year.”

Need to adapt to changes, shifting human resources

Vì sao thế hệ Gen Z thích học ngành dịch vụ du lịch, nhà hàng - khách sạn? - ảnh 4

Master Truong Thi Ngoc Bich, Director of Information and Communication Center, University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City

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